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English For Lower Primary School (Standard 1 to 3)

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Class: every Tuesday, 730pm to 9pm, maximum of 5 students per class. Class starts on 12th May 2020.


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English For Lower Primary School (Standard 1 to 3)


打造欢乐的学习环境才是最有效的教学方法。你会认同我所说的吗? 你好 我是Kayla!今年20岁,大学生,主修心理学。我喜欢教学,喜欢带着孩子们一起在知识的海洋里探索,在愉悦的氛围分享经验与过程。我相信每一位孩子都是潜力股,只要被认真对待、栽培、教育,都一定可以被激发潜力,成为最好的自己。我在SPM考获10A+,并拥有2年教导5岁至中五学生的经验。



Hi parents and students! I am Kayla Ooi and you can always address me by Kayla! I’m 20 years old, and currently doing my degree in Psychology. I scored full A’s in both of my PT3 (formerly known as PMR) as well as my SPM (10A+). I have had experience in teaching a variety of subjects, ranging from 5 years old up to Form 5 for almost 3 years.

Instead of saying that I like teaching, I rather say that I enjoy sharing knowledge, exchanging thoughts and ideas as well as giving the best that I have back to the society. I believe learning is a process that is supposed to be enjoyable, as I always tell my students, FUN LEARNING IS THE BEST LEARNING! Believe in me, it’s never too late to provide your kids with a suitable tutor or teacher, and it’s definitely my pleasure to be included in your kids’ education pathway!

ENGLISH GRAMMAR SESSION – designed to build strong foundation in English grammar as this will help tremendously in making sentences and writing essays.


Topics covered :

A) Demonstrative pronouns and demonstrative adjectives 确保孩子使用正确的指示代词与形容词

B) Personal pronouns. 使用正确的人称代词,孩子才能写出语句通顺的句子

C) Simple present tense 了解现在时式的用法

D) Simple past tense 认识并知道什么时候应该用过去式,避免在造句时犯错

E) Wh- Questions and responses 教孩子如何正确使用疑问词造疑问句

快乐学堂之老师你好 A) PowerPoint presentation 教学,孩子也可以重复看回教学笔记

快乐学堂之老师我明白了! Fun learning – I can do it! A) Kahoot! (Conducted at the beginning of the class, to recap on what we’ve learnt from previous class 课堂开始前的复习)

B) Quizziz (after class, as homework to track student’s progress 课堂外的复习)

C) Google form (used as a form of test or assessment 小考测验)

(All of the above are subjected to parents’ availability to provide support in resources. Parents please feel free to contact me if there’s any need to use other alternatives. 如果因资源限制而不能使用哪一项,父母有其他要求,请跟我沟通,我们可以一起找到更好的方法)