Lately most of us spends most of our time at home and study online. Parents working at home are also faced with a new challenge: to cope with their children’s academics! Some Parents are looking for ways for their children to study better, or at least, some activities for their children to do in their free time at home. As children spends more time at home now, what activities can they do to slice off the extra time?

Challenges faced by students in learning English

Students face difficulty in learning English Language because of a few challenges, like pronunciation and vocabularies. A skillful teacher is needed to assist learners to read and pronounce correctly. Vocabularies can only be broadened with practice. With professional help and lots of practice, this way only children can learn the correct pronunciation and be expose to new vocabularies. Another challenge for young English learners is in finding resources to learn the subject. This issue is more apparent to young children because they get bored by reading long text, and are incapable to comprehend complex vocabularies. One way to make learning English more attractive to young children is to have children interact with teachers and friends in the classroom in English, using pictures, and playing games. Another reason that children have difficulty learning English is to relate and apply what is learned in the classroom to real life. One way around this problem is to use topics and themes that are related to real life happenings to teach children English. Using visual infographics to supplement teaching will help learners to better understand a topic.

English is important for your kids to get good grades and land them in good schools in future

Parents want to help their child to improve their English Speaking Fluency and enhance their vocabulary. Spoken English literacy is important for children to get good grades, land children in future good school and build up speaking confidence.

Spoken English Class free trial for 2 days is back!

Our Spoken English is back and it comes with two days of free trial that is tailored to help children improve their spoken English. You may try the class for two days, and may pay to proceed with full semester later. Our Spoken English class, unlike normal tuitions does not group students into their scholar grades. Students will be grouped by the level of English speaking proficiency and mastery in order to better manage the teaching and learning process.

If you would like to sign up for the free trial you may click on the link to secure your spot:

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What’s good about our Spoken English class?

The class provides thematic and interactive learning style and is conducted online. Every day the class has a new topic and theme related to daily life interaction.  Thematic learning is the selection and highlighting of a theme through an instructional unit or module. Students that learn Speaking English by participating in discussion in a way that is easy to relate to their surrounding and real life examples will learn better. In order to maintain quality one online class is limited to only 8 students.


In the program,

  • Students will participate in discussion related to the topic and theme of the day.
  • Students will interact using English with teacher and friends.
  • Students will play games (flash cards, Quiz, Kahoot) in English
  • Students will build confidence by speaking more in English.
  • Students will broaden their English vocabulary based on the theme and topics of the day.
  • Students will build sentences in English.

Spoken English class detail

The upcoming spoken English class will commence on 17th May 2021 (Monday). You can sign up for two days of free trial class and decide to pay for the full semester later. Each class will be one hour session. The full semester schedule and price can be found in our website. If you want to consider this class, you may click the link to find out more:

Who should join the course?

  • primary school students standard 4,5,6
  • secondary school student form 1,2,3
  • People who want to improve their English speaking 

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Our teacherMs.Danielle

Our practitioner is highly qualified and an excellent English tutor, with over 15 years of professional experience in the early childhood industry. We want to provide the best practitioner in the class to assist children in their English learning journey.