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Free trial class 免费试课
Trial class for up to 2 weeks, first come first serve. 长达两个星期的免费试课,先到先得。

You are interested in the online tuition, but unsure if its right for your kids? Why not apply for a trial class before you commit? 

Yes, we understand your concern. Here are list of online tuition that provide free trial classes. However, the availability depends on the class size. If you do not see the tuition that you want, you contact our customer support and we will see what we can do for you. 




1. SJKC Standard 6 (all subjects) 六年级网课(所有科目)

Tuition Details 补习详情:https://buxi.my/product/std-6-all-subjects/

Trial class registration 免费试课报名链接:https://forms.gle/FKftUyu5SoF4WWEb7 

2. SJKC Standard 5 (all subjects) 五年级网课(所有科目)

Tuition Details 补习详情:https://buxi.my/product/std-5-all-subjects/

Trial class registration 免费试课报名链接:https://forms.gle/ULpB13fGq2za8PzJ8

3. SJKC Standard 4 (all subjects) 四年级网课(所有科目)

Tuition Details 补习详情:https://buxi.my/product/std-4-all-subjects/

Trial class registration 免费试课报名链接:https://forms.gle/V6a96Fo96Aw1LEESA

4. Chinese Independence School – Year 2 独中 数学 初二

Tuition Details 补习详情:https://buxi.my/product/buxi-cis-math-f2/

Trial class registration link 免费试课报名链接:https://forms.gle/Aojekm5eCXdAhZXy6