Do you need to prepare for the IGCSE math exam? Maybe you already have a good mathematics foundation and want to get a higher score? Or had you found yourself unable to do some mathematics question but couldn’t get an explanation to it? And it becomes frustrating… We understand that.

This is because mathematics is a knowledge that builds upon each other. You need to understand the chapters in the front before being able to do the further chapters. This means that if the mathematics foundation on the earlier chapter is not good, students will struggle in all the chapters ahead! Which will lead to poor Mathematic scores during the exam. I am sure this is something you are worried about this and would try to overcome.

With that being said, math is best learned when you are guided by an experienced teacher. Hence we have come up with this IGCSE Math class online for you. And we have a gift for you too!

2 Weeks of IGCSE Math trial class!

We understand that some parents are not sure what IGCSE Math is, and perhaps are still deciding whether to take IGCSE or not. Or maybe you have an IGCSE exam to prepare for and are looking for a class, but are unsure if this class is the right fit for you. Hence, we decided to give you an offer to come and try our IGCSE Math class for two weeks for free! With that you can decide confidently with our class.

To secure your seat please click the trial class link at the bottom. 

Student’s are grouped by their level of their Mathematics skill in class 

This is important for our teacher to be able to assist students according to their level of mathematics. 

Who is this class for?

  • Year 7 – Year 9 students (age 13 – 15)
  • Anyone who needs to sit for the IGCSE Mathematics exam. 

Our teacher is very experienced in his industry. With our teacher’s guidance, you will be able to improve your IGCSE mathematics subject and be prepared for the exam.

Hurry! Secure your free trial seat here while it’s open!

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